Hi, my name is Sam :D I love One Direction, so I decided to make this blog dedicated to them. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I don't bite (cough unless you're into that cough). Anyways, all credit to the owners of the gifs. :D xx cat(s) eating carrots while looking in mirrors with Irish turtles


                Darcy had grown up so fast. Last time I checked, she was a little girl learning to walk. All the times we had spent together were permanently etched into my mind, considering I had missed a lot of her life. Touring with the boys had taken up so much of my time. I still remember being there for her fist words: “One Direction.” I couldn’t have been more proud. Her first day of school was a great one. She came home and told me all about the little boys in her class that she thought were cute. I remember when she first learned to ride a bike without training wheels. She had made sure I was watching as she gracefully glided into a car. Her first boyfriend was exciting, until he broke up with her. She cried for days, and I made sure I was there to comfort her. Time flew, and before I knew it, she was graduating from college. She had worked so hard, and we all knew it. I remember the day she met her husband. She had called me and told me all about their first date, how she knew he would be the one. The day she got engaged was another story. Her smile was so real, and she couldn’t keep it off her face. Her dimples were like craters on her face, reminding me of my own. Now, as I danced with her at her wedding to the perfect father-daughter song that meant so much to me, I couldn’t help but smile, too. 

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